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1) Ensure that you are typing in "lower case" letters not "UPPER CASE" or "A MixTure of tHe twO"

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5) IMPORTANT: Just before your subscription lapses, we send out reminders via email. If the email we have on record is no longer valid, we endeavour to send out reminders by post. The payment for a small number of subscribing schools is several months overdue. If this is the case, you may find that your account is temporarily unavailable. Please contact us immediately if this is the case as we can usually reactivate your account immediately and send you an invoice.

We NEVER suspend accounts immediately the due date passes; we understand that payment sometimes takes time and we are flexible in allowing subscriptions to continue for a short period while payment is arranged. However, to be fair to all subscribers, we do have to temporarily suspend access for non-payment in extreme cases.

If your account has been temporarily suspended, please contact us immediately. We can usually reactivate your login and give you instant reconnection to the resources provided that you agree to complete the renewal form and supply payment within 14 days.

In order to be able to dedicate more time to developing new and exciting resources for the website, we have had to take the decision to spend less time on the administration of the subscription process which involves contacting subscribers, sending out invoices and forms, contacting subscribers to follow up late payments etc. In order to do this, which we believe is the best way to ensure that the website is developed to its fullest potential for the benefit of ALL users, logins will be temporarily deactivated for all subscribers whose renewal payment has not been received after TEN WEEKS have elapsed since the expiry date is reached. We feel that this is a reasonable time frame in which to complete the renewal process and should allow us to spend the maximum time available developing the resources.

A common issue with subscriptions lapsing is that the person who originally took out the subscription has left the school at which the subscription is being used. When the reminder emails are sent out inviting you to extend your subscription for a further 12 months, some emails are returned as undeliverable as the email address is no longer valid for the departing member of staff. In some cases, the email address for a member of staff who has left is not deleted at the school which means that the renewal message is sent successfully but is never actually opened. Equally, some email addresses provided are for Yahoo, Google, AOL or other providers which fall out of use and are no longer checked for new messages. PLEASE make a note of your subscription renewal date just in case the renewal reminder is sent to a member of staff who has left!

In order to ensure fast and consistent access to the resources, our website hosting package and provider have to be the best. Our website is hosted in a state of the art data/server centre and we are guaranteed 99.99% "up time". Given the investment in a high performance, business hosting and bandwidth package, which currently allows unlimited traffic ensuring access at all times for all subscribers, most difficulties with accessing the resources are due to local networks and different volumes of network traffic at the user's end at different times of the day or on different days of the week. Thankfully, it is proving a very rare ocurrence that a subscriber has difficulty in accessing the resources. Our website is hosted across multiple-servers which use load-balancing to ensure fast access, giving all subscribers a first class service.

Of course, we would never assume that no-one ever experiences a problem with access. If this ever happens, we are always keen to hear about the issues and we always seek to investigate the likely cause. Even with a huge increase in our subscriber numbers, access has remained super fast and efficient. We believe that our investment in the best hosting available is the best way to ensure satisfaction for our users.

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