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Teresa Sánchez produced over 200 Podcasts in Spanish for download on her fantastic website SSL4YOU. The worksheets below are designed to be used in conjunction with the audio files available on the website ssl4you.es which can be played on the web or downloaded free of charge from iTunes.

We hope you will find the worksheets we produce a useful accompaniment to the mp3 files available on the SSL4YOU website. Just as the Podcasts, the worksheets are completely free of charge!

Please enjoy our own Podcast about the Spanish region of Galicia! - with thanks to Liliana Nogueira Pache.

TEMA: Galicia

Podcast 1 - mi región, Galicia


Podcast 1 - full transcript

TEMA: la salud y la ética

Podcast 150 - La donación de órganos (2min 38)

Podcast 150 - worksheet

TEMA: el mundo laboral

Podcast 89 - Buscando un trabajo para el verano (2min 58)

Podcast 89 - worksheet

TEMA: las fiestas y los festivales

Podcast 14 - Los Sanfermines (2min 17)

Podcast 14 - worksheet

TEMA: las relaciones personales

Podcast 129 - La brecha generacional (2min 03)

Podcast 129 - worksheet

TEMA: las fiestas y los festivales

Podcast 41 - Las Fallas (2min 04)

Podcast 41 - worksheet

TEMA: los deportes y el ocio

Podcast 92 - Los Juegos Olímpicos de Pekín 2008 (2min 35)

Podcast 92 - worksheet

TEMA: el medio ambiente

Podcast 134 - La obsesión por el plástico (2min 25)

Podcast 134 - worksheet

TEMA: la tecnología

Podcast 136 - Las redes sociales y la Web 2.0 (3min 20)

Podcast 136 - worksheet

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worksheets created by S.Page www.espanol-eXtra.co.uk